Our Patented Technology

We design and program patterns of north and south poles: Polymagnet "MAXELS", (mash-up of "magnets" and "pixels"), on one surface of each neodymium magnet, creating short magnetic fields that interact, engage, and adhere with incredible load capacities to thin and thick steel surfaces. Then, using our patented Easy-Release Lever System, we have perfected and optimized the hook to hold its load as a hook should, which is at a right angle to the floor, and easily release to move to a new location. 

Every component of a Gator, from the chassis, easy-off lever, shunt plate, TPE, coatings, wire, and magnet are designed and optimized to function together, resulting in incredible shear weight load capacities.

  • Traditional Magnets

    Traditional magnets have North and South poles on opposite sides of the magnet creating a large looping magnetic field that loses energy and is inefficient.

  • Gator Magnets

    Gator uses a patented technology that prints north and south pole dots: Polymagnet “Maxels” (mash-up of "magnets" and "pixels"), in specific patterns creating many shorter magnetic fields (near field magnetic flux) that make the Gator magnet exponentially stronger than traditional magnets.

  • Other magnetic products measure pull force on thick steel surfaces.

  • Gator Magnetics measures shear force on thin steel surfaces.

WATCH: How Does it Work?