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I'm hooked

I purchased some Gator Magnetics hooks because I was intrigued by there design and style. They work perfect on my metal pegboard! They are easy to rearrange and strong. Plus their customer service is awesome!!

Just as advertised

I was looking for a strong magnet that would fit in the valley of R-Panel. These fit perfectly. I’m using them to hang tools, etc under the lean-to.

Nice basket, but didn't really work for me.

Maybe they will come out with a different configuration that will work on metal siding. The metal ribs prevent it from getting close enough to wall. Just the basket with 2 gator hooks would be great.

Thanks for the feedback, Rob! Sorry to hear it didn't work out for you as intended. We do have a section on this product page suggesting you confirm dimensions and orientation of your ribbed steel wall before purchasing. We apologize this was overlooked and will work to make this clearer for future customers. Happy to answer any other questions you might have! Please feel free to email us at if you'd like to process a return.

Great product with a faulty install design

The hooks work very well, once you master the installation process. The cover can't be any greater than 90 degrees to the hook during install or you will shear off the plastic pins that hold the cover on. Once you get the hang of it, it the install is easy but it should be designed so that you can't injure the hook so easally during install Once install correctly, the hooks are very solid and strong!

Very strong 🧲

love these magnetic hangers

These work great inside the conex boxes I use for storage. Simple and space saving.

The best magnets 🧲 out there.

Get the wheels off the shelves

I have three 4-post lifts in my garage. Each lift comes with a set of four large castors and brackets to be able to attached to the lift and move them when the need arises. Needless to say, these large items take up a lot of shelf room in my garage that could be used for other things. I have used them 2 times in the many years I have had them. So I saw the Gator add and wondered if I could just hang them on each post so they are out of the way, but readily available when I need them. I weighed each type of castor, and they are well within the specifications of these hooks.

I had a few issues with quality control, but the customer service at Gator was incredible, and had replacements on the way quickly. I only hung one on a side that would not cause any damage to the cars if the hook failed for a test cycle of 1 month. No failure, so I hung the rest. I really love this solution. Thank you Gator Magnetics!


Got this kit super fast! Took about 15 minutes to install (this includes opening the box and sorting the components)! Extremely easy to install and use the magnetic hangers! Very happy with the end result and newly opened up garage space!


These things are great. Expensive, but worth it

Love it! Works great and holds my Yeti out of the way and off my work table!!

very handy and so simple!

The hook and magnet are really strong. It's kinda amazing. Bought one to try it out and will be purchasing more.

Big basket will store a lot!

Strong and solid.

Awesome strong magnet, good size basket

Looking forward to utilizing this on my magnetic pegboard. Will be a great addition to the pegboard accessories.

Great product and customer service. Thanks!

Minor issue with my order but the team went above and beyond to make it right. Most importantly, the product is excellent. Thanks!

This will be popular

Great holding power. Took it to work to see if it could help us with some organization. A colleague spotted it and demanded to know where I got it. I think an order was placed that day at lunchtime.

Absolutley LOVE these

Absolutley LOVE these I put them everywhere!!! Will be buying more


I absolutely love these hooks!! In a matter of seconds I was able to organize an area of my garage that had been such a mess! These hooks are so strong, aesthetically pleasing and so, so functional. I highly recommend them!!

Surprising grip

We put this on the side of a file cabinet. Wiggled it back and forth, thought we were going to damage the cabinet! Hung different thongs on the hook and it stayed in place until we got ridiculous.

Working great in my van and on a tool cabinet

I like how I can add the baskets in my cargo van without having to drill holes and mount brackets. And this way I can move the storage baskets around as needed.

Love the magnetic hooks, great for organizing the garage.

Damages during shipment

Packaging was poor bought 5 hooks and 2 out of 5 were damaged. Emailed them but no response.

Hi Hieu,
So sorry that the Gator's you received were damaged. We have responded to you privately to resolve the issue. Thanks for bringing it to our attention.

His magnetic hook worked great help organize the garage highly recommend.


Eazy peasy! They are amazing at doing exactly what they are intended to.. No muss or fuss to install, extremely strong, convenient in that they are quickly moved or stored if not needed. They are a must in garages, basements, workshops, sheds etc.Can even use in my truck bed.