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Love this Magnetic hook

I am just amazed at the holding power of this magnetic cook,. I am thinking of different ways to use this in my shop, including ways to add 3-D printed components or wood pieces to hang tools from.

Love these Mega hooks!

These work awesome in my pole barn. Using them to hang ladders, Milwaukee tools, shovels, extension cords, helmets and more!! They hold a lot of weight and do not slide down.

cord holder

Great to hold extension cords and hoses.

shop sink

great to hang above the shop sink to hold towels and soap and scrub brushes.

These hooks are really convenient for anyone who has a metal building, because you can put a hook anyplace at anytime. I contacted the company about making a model which works on a T-Post because that is where many a tool get lost. Having a hook to keep tolls from getting lost in the grass or dirt would be big deal.

Exactly as Advertised

These things are terrific - will be ordering more for sure.

Gator Hooks are the best!!

Gator hooks are strong & secure - no more magnets sliding down the side of the fridge, where we have ours, both in the kitchen & the garage. I'm so glad to have Gator hooks that I've been glad to give them as gifts.


Works great


Does not work on ribbed metal

Hi Tyler, Sorry our Gator Basket didn't fit your kind of ribbed steel wall. We are realizing that steel ribbed walls can come in various ribbing dimensions and configurations. In your particular wall dimension, the Gator Hook didn't fit. Sorry about that. Please note that we are working on a new Gator Hook apparatus that will solve that particular fitting issue. Please stay in touch. In the meantime, we sent you an email privately regarding our next steps with you. Thank you for your input.

Gator Magnet

Great product!!!!!

Thanks for the feedback. Glad you liked it!

Use them on my gun case, for hanging extra gear

Not for Cargo Vans, but GREAT for storage units/garages

I got a few of these to hang up equipment in my cargo van, but the force of the bumps on the road will have it falling off under load. Great though for storing against a metal garage or storage unit

Fabulous gatormagnetics

I purchased all of the items for my son. So, I'll give you a review of them from his point of view. He loves them and finds many uses for them. He moves them here and there where ever he needs them. Thanks to Garage Logic ads for informing me.

Increased Capacity!

I thought the other hooks were great. Y'all surpassed that with these! They work wonderfully and hold the weight as described. Gett yourself some!!


I have just received my second order and cannot stress enough the high quality.
Gatormagnetics hits all my qualifications: American made, American quality,
small business (for now). My only regret is that they didn't exist sooner.

Have been telling my friends and the manager of our condo about your goods.

Almost perfect.

Everything about this item is perfect except the location of the magnet. I have a metal building with ridges. Those ridges impede the magnet attaching. I’ve found another suitable location. Would heartily recommend this item as it is quality and it works for me. Just be aware the magnet and the basket width might need additional consideration for your application.

These large hooks are amazing to what they can hold

Third time ordering multiple hooks.

I keep finding uses for them. Don't be afraid, they are very strong and work outstandingly. They are what you would imagine them to be in a best case scenario. Highly recommend. The service is outstanding as well. i lost my second order in the mail and they replaced them right away. So nice to be able to remove and reposition somewhere else.

We really love this product

Great product

Very impressive. I’ll definitely be showing these to friends, and I’m already planning on buying more!