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Gator Utility Basket with Towel Bar - 35lb Capacity

Gator Utility Basket with Towel Bar - 35lb Capacity

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Holds Up to 35 lbs!

This ingenious Gator Magnetics Utility Basket with Towel Bar keeps your things organized, neatly stored, and exactly where you need them. The Gator Magnetics Basket with Towel Bar features a swing down towel bar so you can keep your paper towels handy for shop and garage cleaning. Also works great for the laundry room. Keep the Gator Basket with Towel Bar on the side of your toolbox, storage cabinet, refrigerator, freezer, steel door, washer or dryer, furnace, or locker.

Endless Things to Store: This remarkable basket holds up to an astounding 35lbs. so it can provide endless storage options.
  • Paints and Brushes
  • Cleaning Supplies
  • Spray Paint & Bug Sprays
  • Laundry Detergents & Stain Removers
  • Garbage Bags
  • Automotive Supplies
  • Sporting Equipment
  • Art & Craft Supplies
  • So much more!
The Gator Magnetics Basket with Towel Bar is ideal for your garage storage, organization, and decluttering. Our patented heavy-duty magnetic basket and “Easy-off” system will carry a load up to 35 lbs. on thin steel surfaces. To use, just simply lift the lever, place, close, and load. You will be amazed at all the places and loose items you can now confidently store.

Strong: Holds a load of up to 35 lbs. on thin steel surfaces.

Easy: Patented “Easy-off” release mechanism” snaps onto steel surfaces and easily disengages so you can comfortably adjust where you want it, or move the basket to a new location repeatedly.

Versatile: Ideal for wall storage and organization to hang loose items in the workshop, garage, home, pole barn or shed. The Gator Basket securely attaches to common steel surfaces. Gives flexibility to store and hang your loose spray paints, bug sprays, cleaning supplies, adhesives, tapes, paper towels, and other items wherever you need them.

Safe: Will not damage the surface or leave residue. The strong near field magnetic flux will not pinch fingers or harm magnet sensitive electronic devices.

Works Everywhere: Securely grips to a toolbox, storage cabinet, refrigerator, freezer, steel door, work bench, washer or dryer, locker. and more!

Size: 14”W x 8”D x 5”T

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Note About Steel Walls

Our Gator Baskets are designed to revolutionize your storage experience, especially when it comes to steel walls in storage sheds or pole barns.

We understand that steel walls come in a myriad of shapes and sizes. That's why we recommend confirming the dimensions of your ribbed steel wall before choosing Gator Baskets. These walls can vary in ribbing dimensions, direction, and configuration. Knowing your wall's specifics ensures a Gator Basket will work as directed.


Does your steel wall feature vertical or horizontal ribs? Is the surface adequate to accommodate the 2” x 3” Gator Hook? Confirming the orientation of your steel wall is key to proper function. For seamless attachment, it's crucial to ensure there's enough clearance for the Gator Hook to grip securely onto the steel surface. We recommend having a little more than 2 x 3 inches of flat wall space for optimal results.

See images below:

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
shop sink

great to hang above the shop sink to hold towels and soap and scrub brushes.

Tyler Hewit

Does not work on ribbed metal

Hi Tyler, Sorry our Gator Basket didn't fit your kind of ribbed steel wall. We are realizing that steel ribbed walls can come in various ribbing dimensions and configurations. In your particular wall dimension, the Gator Hook didn't fit. Sorry about that. Please note that we are working on a new Gator Hook apparatus that will solve that particular fitting issue. Please stay in touch. In the meantime, we sent you an email privately regarding our next steps with you. Thank you for your input.

David Jennings
Almost perfect.

Everything about this item is perfect except the location of the magnet. I have a metal building with ridges. Those ridges impede the magnet attaching. I’ve found another suitable location. Would heartily recommend this item as it is quality and it works for me. Just be aware the magnet and the basket width might need additional consideration for your application.


The basket is a little bigger than I need for my non-mechanic house garage, but the concept and magnetic strength are worth the price. Just placed my second order for more hooks! And will probably be ordering more tiles. Discount if we order four or more tiles?


They work great for lots of jobs on my saw and tool cart. One thing I would change is have the paper towel holder on the front of the basket and not the back.

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